Jamaican house in shams, neighbours trying to take over

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I need someone to help me find out about my house. I left someone to watch over it and when I didnt send any monies they just abandoned my house. I also got a letter from the National Housing Trust that the neighbours are trying to take it over, claiming that I have not been living there for a number of years. The letter indicates that the neighbours are claiming that they have to be keeping my yard clean to avoid an infestation of rats and so I wonder if they can really pay the balance at the NHT and take over my house.
My former coworker robbed up a lot of monies and told me he didnt collect a dime from the tenants. The tenants are not paying any rent to anyone. I sent monies to a real estate company and also to a lawyer and up to now I cant hear anything, so please do not recommend me to any lawyer. I just want someone to do general visits and follow ups because I cannot come to Jamaica often. My friend told me about this column and so I am taking my chances to reach out to you. Please reply that you will help me, as I have nobody else now.
Vierra Mae Dunn

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RESPONSE: Dear Vierra Mae Dunn
First of all when it comes to the National Housing Trust, they do not usually facilitate for anyone other than the owner taking over until a reasonable time that the current owner shows he or she cannot finish paying off for the home.
Our team members can assist you with research and other steps so that you have a clearer picture of what is happening. Please understand though that some of these services will be for a fee.
The issues you have outlined will need further processing and a step by step plan worked out before the team can offer proper assistance however.
For example, you have mentioned that there are tenants who are not paying, but did not indicate how you generally collect your monies. There are several options that will be sent to you in a private email such as opening a bank account specifically for that purpose.
Please remember that the NHT needs to approve or have formal knowledge of your intention to rent the house in certain circumstances as you are still paying them for it.
There are other concerns also such as whether or not you wish to continue with the current tenants, or even to recover sums you claim your former coworker stole.
A separate email will therefore be sent to you before we proceed further.
Legal Wiz