Jamaican Joke: Eight Mad Men

Eight men have been at a mental hospital for a period of time and are being tested to find out how they are progressing in order for them to leave the institution. The doctor in charge takes them all into a room and with a marker draws a door on the wall and asks each one of the patients to find their way out of the room as part of the test.

Seven of them rushed out of their seats and attempted to open the door he drew on the wall. The doctor was disappointed with what he witnessed realizing that none of them showed any progress. With hope he looked towards the last one who was still sitting down and laughing while the others tried to open the door drawn on the wall and asked him why he did not stand up and try to open the door with the others.

The eighth man replied: “Doctor all a dem fool fool.”

The Doctor now very elated that all his work over the past months was not in vain asked the man to explain why he concluded that.

The man responded “Doctor because de whole time dem a kill up demself a try open de door me have de key inna me packet.”

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