Jamaican Jokes: Devon and the Beggar

Every morning Devon would drive down Constant Spring Road on his way to work. And every morning he would stop and give the resident beggar man $50.

After a while Devon started to give the beggar $30. The beggar, noticing that his money was reduced, was not too pleased, but said nothing.

Later on, Devon began giving the beggar $20. The beggar, noticing this further decrease, became noticeably upset and decided to speak to Devon about it.
He stopped Devon one morning after accepting $20 and said, “Wha’ happening man? Yuh use to gi me $50, then yuh cut it down to $30, now dis!”

Devon replied, “Bwoy, times hard. My eldest bwoy just started at UWI and mi youngest dawta is now at high school…so yu know how it go…”

The beggar then got upset and asked, “Hexactly how much pickney dem yuh ‘ave, boss?”
“Four,” replied Devon .
The irate beggar got even more upset and said, “Suh yuh mean fi tell me dat is out of mi money yuh a sen’ yuh pickney dem a school?

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