Jamaican Lenworth “Lenny” Hyde Receives Atlanta Caribbean Community Lifetime Achievement Award

Jamaican mentor and coach, Lenworth “Lenny” Hyde, was presented with the Atlanta Caribbean Community Lifetime Achievement Award on March 9, 2024, at the Third Annual Atlanta Caribbean Community Awards ceremony in Lithonia, Georgia. The 2024 event was hosted by Donna McLeod and Antony Duare, with Marla W Mignott serving as the guest speaker. Coach Hyde was honored for his dedication football, the development of talented young players and developing his community.

Hyde’s football background and legacy

Starting his career in football at an early age, Hyde began playing as a student at St Aloysius Primary school in Kingston. He said his love of the game continued when he went to St Anne’s Secondary School, and then had an opportunity to attend Clarendon College, which he “grabbed with both hands.” He noted that it was not hard for him to transition from player to coach because, as a player, he learned from the best. He named Winston Chung-Fah as his mentor and shared that he also worked with Jackie Bell, George Thompson and Carl Brown. Hyde added that he tries to use the ”bits and pieces” he learned from them in his own coaching style. “I life my hat to them,” he said.  During his career, he has headed teams such as Hazard United, Tivoli Gardens, and Harbor View and brought home victories. Some of his most significant coaching achievements include leading his alma mater Clarendon College to multiple wins of the Ben Francis Cup and the Olivier Shield. He continues to eye his most cherished goal: winning the World Cup.

His reaction upon receiving the award

When Hyde learned he would receive the award, he expressed his surprise and gratitude. He stated that he has always been focused on encouraging growth of young players and the community. He has never sought recognition for himself, and the positive impact his dedication to football paired with his humble nature has had on the community is evident in the presentation of the award. He continues to be an inspiration to all and an example of how dedication, passion, and community involvement are critical elements of success.

Looking toward the future

Hyde dreams of taking a team to the World Cup competition. The goal represents his desire to take on competition at the sport’s highest levels. He also wants to make a lasting impact on football, with his legacy defined by the way he has shaped young athletes through his coaching.

The Atlanta Caribbean Community Awards

The Atlanta Caribbean Community Awards are presented to honor the work and achievement of individuals who have made significant positive contributions to the lives of others. The event was organized by veteran media professional, Jamaica’s Robert Shaw, and British-born Wesley Graham,  who lived in Westmoreland for years. The duo decided to recognize Jamaican and Caribbean nationals who reside in the Atlanta area, in the Diaspora, and at home in the West Indies for “doing extraordinary things.” First staged in 2022, the awards ceremony has been increasingly supported by people from the Caribbean in and beyond the United States. According to Shaw, a highlight of the event is watching ordinary Caribbean people be recognized in their communities for their outstanding achievements in the education, entertainment, sport, TV and radio, and humanitarian categories of the Award. Recipients are selected by a committee comprising Caribbean leaders and individuals from diverse backgrounds.