Jamaican Pastor in Central Florida Appears in New Christian Movie to be Released across the USA

Jamaican Pastor in Central Florida Appears in New Christian Movie to be Released across the USA - Rosemarie Roth

Jamaican pastor Rosemarie Roth appears in the Christian film “The Youngest Evangelist.” The film is based on a true story about John King, a 10-year-old African American boy who preaches to his classmates in elementary school in 1980 about salvation and the love of Jesus. The film follows John as he endures numerous challenges at home, school, church, and on the street, and how he answers God’s call to become one of the youngest evangelists in the United States in 1982.

Roth, who was ordained in 1994, appears in the second scene of the film for approximately five to eight minutes. She told the Jamaicans.com team about her role that “I’m a troublesome cafeteria worker and a very vivacious Jamaican. JA-MA-ICAN…!”

Discussing how she got the role, she told us, “When I got the call from the producer of the movie, I was surprised that he picked me to be in it. His reasoning was that I was a character actress, and I would make the role come alive. I wasn’t going to disappoint him at all. I wanted to do it for my grandchildren. They’ll have a film to see me in even after I’m dead. Now, that to me was going to be a legacy! Also, in one of the lines I was to be serious and declare that I was not to be confused for anyone else but a Jamaican and with emphasis! Attitude! And Boy, did they get it! I am funny, inquisitive, instigative, and angry all in my segment. I was told to ring it for all it’s got. So I did. This might be my only chance and I went for it.”

Rosemarie Roth is a trained chaplain and family funeral counselor. A mother and grandmother, Roth is the president of the Jamaican Cultural Connection in Orlando; president of Alpha Point, a disaster preparedness outreach ministry; treasurer for the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce; and a contributing writer for Caribbean American Passport Magazine.

The Youngest Evangelist” also focuses on youth, respect for teachers, the need to continue music programs in the public schools, obedience, resilience, and overcoming adversity. It emphasizes how parents should introduce their children at a young age to salvation, a relationship with the Lord, and reverence for the Most High.

The film is scheduled to debut in theaters during the holiday season in the winter of 2021. It is produced by The House of John Films, LLC.

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