Jamaican Proverbs on Experience

Do you know what the proverb “Anywey it mawga it bruck” means? Learn its meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs on “Experience.”

Anywey it mawga it bruck.
TRANSLATION: Anywhere its thin, it will break.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: The weakest link in any situation will break first.

Ef Alligator Seh fish mout tink, believe ‘im.
TRANSLATION: If an Alligator says that fish’s mouth is stink, believe him.
MEANING: Listen to those with more wisdom and experience.

Lightning nuh strike di same place twice.
TRANSLATION: Lightning does not strike the same place twice.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: The likelihood of the same situation occurring twice is slim.

Rain a fall but dutty tough.
TRANSLATION: It is raining but the earth is still hard.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: When you don’t have enough money to fulfill your financial obligations.

Rat ketch eena trap im part wid im tail.
TRANSLATION: Rat gets caught in a trap will part with its tail.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Under adverse conditions, people will break or discover how to overcome.

Trouble deh a bush Anancy carri cum a yaawd.
TRANSLATION: Trouble in the bushes Anancy (the folk hero of West African origin) brings it home.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: If you know something or someone will be a problem, don’t bring them into your home or sphere of influence.

Spread yuh bed haad, lie dung pan eh haad.
TRANSLATION: Spread your bed hard lie on it hard.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: If you make a bad decision or action, you must accept the responsibilities and consequences.

Puss gawn rat tek ouse 
TRANSLATION: When the cat is gone, the rat takes up possession in the house.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: People will exploit a situation if given the opportunity.

Rak stone a river battam neva feel sun hat. 
TRANSLATION: Rock stones at the boUom of the river do not feel the heat of the sun.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: People with an easy life don’t understand the struggles of those who don’t.

A nuh ebry kin teet a laugh.
TRANSLATION: Not every laugh is a genuine laugh.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Don’t assume everyone is sincere.

Puss an dawg nuh ave di same luck.
TRANSLATION: Cats and dogs do not have the same luck.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Live isn’t fair and favoritism can play a role in many situations.

Pig ax im mumma, “wah mek yuh mouth lang so”? Mumma seh, “Nuh mine mi pickney, yuh a grow yuh wi know.”
TRANSLATION: The Pig ask his mother, “Why is your mouth so long?” The mother says, “Never mind, you are growing you will know.”
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Wisdom comes with experience.