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Jamaican Proverbs on Family

Do you know what the proverb “Kakroach nuh biznes eena fowl fight” means? Learn its meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs on’ Family.”

Kacroach nuh biznizz eena fowl fight.
TRANSLATION: A cockroach has no business in fowl fights.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Don’t get involved or take sides in family fights, feuds and disagreements.

Cyaan tan pon cow & cut cow kin.
TRANSLATION: One cannot stand on a cow and cut its skin.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Don’t criticize a relative or family member to another relative or family member.

Ebry Jan-kruh tink ‘im pickney white.
TRANSLATION: Every John-crow thinks his child is white.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Parents often have an inflated view of their children and their capabilities.

Blood ticka dan waata.
Translation: Blood is thicker than water.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Family always comes first over friends, co-workers and associates.

Ebry jackass Seh ‘im cubby is a race hass.
TRANSLATION: Every jackass says his cub is a racehorse.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Every parent thinks their child is destined for greatness.

Finga tink, yuh cyaan cut eeh aff.
TRANSLATION: Finger stinks but you cannot cut it off.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: You and a relative might not like each other, but try to be understanding of their perspective.

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