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Jamaican Proverbs on Family

Do you know what the proverb ” Kakroach nuh biznes eena fowl fight” means? Learn it’s meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs on ” Family “.

Kakroach nuh biznes eena fowl fight.
TRANSLATION:A cockroach has no business in fowl fights.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Stay away from family disputes and feuds.

Cyaan tan pon cow & cut cow kin.
TRANSLATION:One cannot stand on a cow and cut its skin.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Do not criticize one’s relative/family member with another relative/family member

Ebry Jan-kruh tink ‘im pickney white.
TRANSLATION:Every John-crow thinks his child is white.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Most parents sometimes have puffed up views of their children.

Blood ticka dan waata.
Translation: Blood is thicker than water.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: 1.The bond between blood relatives is strong and will always be deciding factor in any situation. 2. Be careful on picking sides as a family bond.

Ebry jackass Seh ‘im cubby is a race hass.
TRANSLATION:Every jackass says his cub is a racehorse.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Every parent thinks their child is destined to do great things.

Finga tink, yuh cyaan cut eeh aff.
TRANSLATION:Finger stinks but you cannot cut it off.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: You must be understanding of an antagonistic relative.

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