Jamaican Proverbs on Youth

Do you know what the proverb “Young bud nuh know starm” means? Learn its meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs on “Youth.”

Young bud nuh know starm.
TRANSLATION: Young bird does not know storm.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Young people are daring, love to take risks, and they’ll live forever.

Bakra wuk neva done.
TRANSLATION: The master’s work is never finished.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: There is always work to be done.

Cyaan bury ah man an lef out im foot. 
TRANSLATION: Cannot bury a man and leave out his feet.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Completely finish any task you undertake.

Stiff starch an dutty blue. 
TRANSLATION: Stiff starch and dirty blue.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: A good finish to a poorly done job.