Jamaican Restaurant One of Eater Boston’s Top Four African Diaspora Spots

Jerk Chicken - Jamaican Restaurant One of Eater Boston Top Four African Diaspora Spots

Boston is known for its rich and varied diversity of cultures, thanks to the many immigrant communities located there. Some of these communities are home to people in the African Diaspora, and the dining scene in Boston reflects this fact. Available cuisine choices in the Boston area include foods that reflect traditions of Cape Verde, West and East Africa, North Africa, Black America, Jamaica, and Haiti.

The Blue Mountain Jamaican Restaurant at 884 Morton Street in Mattapan has been open about 18 months and is now one of the four best African Diaspora dining spots in Boston by Eater Boston. The restaurant’s name refers to the longest mountain range in Jamaica. It features traditional Jamaican cuisine and has already gained the reputation as serving some of the best of the island’s foods available in the Boston area.

A must-try dish at Blue Mountain Jamaican Restaurant is the country’s national dish of ackee and saltfish, which is a popular choice for breakfast. The eatery’s lunch and dinner choices are many, with many dishes definitely on the spicy side. Meal selections can be based on how the tolerance of a diner to “heat.” For diners who like their food less spicy, the restaurant offers dishes like stewed chicken, a slow-cooked and savory meal with a hint of sweetness. The Rasta Pasta is recommended for those with more heat tolerance, while the jerk chicken offers a level of spiciness that is not overwhelming. Blue Mountain Jamaican Restaurant also features the line of juice drinks from Grace Foods called Tropical Rhythms. Desserts include the soothing flavors of carrot cake. The main dishes are accompanied by various sides, including sweet plantains and rice and peas. The restaurant offers both full meals and quick snacks, all at affordable prices. Beef patties and coco bread are major favorites among diners.

Blue Mountain Jamaican Restaurant is open for takeout and delivery are available via DoorDash, ezCater, GrubHub, Orderings, Seamless, and Uber Eats.

The other African Diaspora restaurants highlighted by Boston Eater include Farah’s Cafe Restaurant, which features Haitian food; Down Home Delivery & Catering, which features American soul food; and Restaurante Cesaria, a diner offering cuisine of Cape Verde.

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