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Jamaican Flag Burning TV commercial should be the least of our concen


I heard with dismay that the whole ‘Saturn coffee shop/Jamaican flag’ thing is hot in Jamaica and even on the news repeatedly. I can’t believe that Jamaicans have nothing else to do. Its like every little thing distracts us.  You’d think that a TV ad was our most pressing concern. But worse still, its much ado over a total misrepresentation.

I do suggest that some people get literate, visual literacy, that is. There is nothing wrong with the ad. It is an ad and it certainly isn’t disrespecting Jamaicans. Just the opposite. It is like the VW ad, which at one time also suffered similarly, until detractors got some simple common sense, and realised that it is in praise and awe of the brand Jamaica and its people.

I bet the Saturn ad will re-ignite the brand Jamaica to many Germans who will be booking flights there. And for those who don’t know, Jamaica is hugely positively popular in Germany.

I hope tourism officials don’t fall for the BS inanity of those who should know better… but apparently don’t.
I hope that instead of flying our traps, we think first… and realise we have such star status in the world, that people are attracted to us enough to use our brand in their commercials.  We should use this as a cue to plot growth strategies, instead some get their panties in a self-righteous bunch over nothing.  Stop being such superficial, self-obsessed, self-indignant ignoramuses! 

What part of ‘We love Jamaica’ don’t you 

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