Jamaicans Emerge as Largest Immigrant Group, According to 2020 US Census

In the recently published 2020 US population census, over a million individuals identified themselves as Jamaican.

Unprecedented Detail in Racial and Ethnic Data

The population report from the US Census Bureau is based on data gathered from about 1,550 different racial, ethnic, and tribal groups. In this recent study, African Americans make up the largest group, totaling 24.5 million individuals who identify with this ethnicity, either exclusively or alongside another.

Jamaicans and Their Immigrant Legacy

Among the black population with immigrant roots, Jamaicans hold an impressive count of 1,047,117. Not far behind Haitians, with 1,032,737 respondents affirming exclusive ethnicity or in tandem with others. Nigerians followed closely, comprising over 604,000 individuals, while Ethiopians made up more than 325,000.

African Immigrant Community in the United States

One notable trend was the rapid growth of the African immigrant community. Research by the Pew Research Center revealed a surge of 246 percent between 2000 and 2019, rising from around 600,000 to an impressive two million.

Redefining the Face of Foreign-Born Black Population

The transformation in population trends has fundamentally altered the demographic landscape, resulting in individuals of African descent now making up a substantial 42 percent of the foreign-born black population. This percentage marks a notable increase from the year 2000, when they comprised a more modest 23 percent, according to the findings of the research center.

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