Etiquette advice for taking Photographs of People in Jamaica

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email: I love taking pictures of people when I travel. In some countries people do not want you to take their picture or they ask for money. What is the etiquette in Jamaica?

K. Christopher  – We have been 3 times and everyone we have come across loves it.

A. Daley I think that it is only common courtesy to ask permission before you take someone’s picture or booth etc….I can never understand why people want to take other pics while on vacation…take pics of buildings,monuments, the ocean trees etc…Jamaica has a lot to offer that can create a memory for a lifetime….Please leave the people them alone….

S. Bradley  I am a photographer…and my number one rule is never ever take anyone’s photo without asking them. Generally most people really don’t like having their photos taken… esp by someone they don’t know. I would suggest you get to know the person first, tell them what you are about, and then ask them if taking their photo is ok. And when it comes to taking photos of kids – beware… you may be misconstrued for taking the photo for the wrong reasons. Famous or well-known people? do not take their photo! in that instant you will no longer be a possible friend, but just another paparazzi (or however you spell it)… I have taken thousands of photos of people – inc well known or famous, but you have to respect their privacy and get to understand them – and of course get everyone’s permission! … this is truly the best way… do this, and no one will come running after you shouting…. and hey, you just might end up with some great friends….

C.  Johnson In Jamaica always ask first, most of the people are very gracious and will give you a beautiful smile…

M. Schierbeek  – I usually take “street scenes” so not possible to ask people their permission (of course, always ask an individual if taking their photo).. Living in a tourist city myself, I’m sure I’ve been snapped by tourists biking my way around the place. Today as I cycled around the city going about my business, noticed groups of “new tourists” on official tours – tour leader holding up a little notice “follow me” LOL – India, China – love it!  Love helping lost looking tourists out too, today met some old Aussie guys lost on a bridge, pointed them in the right direction and recommended a local eatery (highly recommended by the food critics) run by an Aussie friend, love stuff like that. We are all in this world to help each other out.

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