Jamaica’s History-Making Women’s Shooting Team Gets Major Sponsorship for Pan Am Champs

Jamaica History-Making Women Shooting Team Gets Major Sponsorship for Pan Am Champs

The all-female shooting team from Jamaica, the Super Six, is making history with its participation in the Pan Am Handgun Championships as it will be the first time the country will be represented at a major shooting tournament by more than one woman. Team members include Kayla Keane, Shayon Francis, Renee Richki, Yeonie Campbell, Sheresa Solan, and Detective Corporal Sasha Mullings.

The team is also making history with its multi-million-dollar sponsorship deal with the roofing company, Spectrum Systems, which announced on August 4, 2022, that it will sponsor the team’s participation in the Championships scheduled to be held in Florida from September 14 to 21, 2022. This is the first time a Jamaican shooting team participating in a major tournament outside of Jamaica has been sponsored. The sponsorship will cover the costs of airfare, accommodation, and ammunition at the match for five of the team’s members. The sixth member will not participate in the match for personal reasons.

In its announcement, Spectrum Systems stated that it was pleased to sponsor “Jamaica’s number-one shooting team” and wished the team well as they represent the country at the Championships. Andrew Stanigar, CEO of Spectrum Systems, said the team will have everything it needs before and during the competition.

Robin Richki, chair of the Super Six, and Steve Brown, the marketing and public relations director for the team, as well as all members of the team, were present at the announcement. Richki said the agreement helped the team overcome a difficult obstacle and expressed gratitude to Spectrum Systems for allowing the team members to be positioned to achieve their dreams. Richki added that it had been obvious from the start that the women on the team have the potential to excel in the sport.

Detective Corporal Sasha Mullings, team leader, said the sponsorship was “the best news” for the team as she thanked Spectrum Systems, the Jamaica Rifle Association, coach Anthony TJ Johnson, and the management team for believing in the Super Six. She said the team is “ready for any challenge.”

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