Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon: Seniors Enjoy The Dinoflagellates In Bioluminescent Waters

That title is a mouthful but it is all true. Seniors are invited to visit Jamaica’s fascinating Luminous Lagoon on a night cruise near Montego Bay. Cruise around the glowing lagoon in a small boat at night with your expert guide and go for a dip in the colorful water.

This is a must-see attraction in Jamaica that is perfect for folks of all ages. The water is filled with phosphorous which allows it to illuminate so brilliantly when disturbed. The bioluminescent green glow is caused by the presence of a micro organism called pryodinium bahamene – a type of dinoflagellate.

If you are an adventurous senior, take a swim in the glistening waters, one of only a few dips like it in the world. Don’t worry, the lagoon’s eerie-looking water is actually completely harmless. The natural glow is unique.

One visitor writes “Thousands of microscopic aquatic creatures glow from any movement of the water, by the boat, your hands or if you are a daring type, from the movement of your body as you swim with them.

“It reminded me of a scene from the movie “The Abyss”. Another says… “It is quite magical when you get in the water and it glistens and glows like twinkling stars. The muck that you are standing in is a little creepy but there are showers available when you get back to shore.”

Whether you wish to get in the water or watch from the safety of the boat, it is definitely recommended that you pay the dinoflagellates a visit.

The place is MAGICAL! Glistening Waters is a glowing lagoon on the north coast of Jamaica. This marvel is only found in few places in the world, however, this lagoon is the brightest of them all due to more consistent climate. The fresh water from the Martha Brae River meets the salt-water ocean and a totally amazing creation is formed.

The Luminous Lagoon lights up with a turquoise glow… it is Jamaica’s only nighttime major attraction. Located on the outskirts of Montego Bay, senior visitors can personally witness magic take place right before your eyes as you enjoy a quiet boat ride through the dark marina.

Historical stories of nearby Falmouth are told by the Captain as the illuminating outlines of the fish light up around the boat. Guests are also offered a swim in the water so they can see their own bodies radiate a turquoise glow. Following the tour of the lagoon, enjoy a  dinner at the Glistening Waters Restaurant, which overlooks the marina.