Jamaica Trip Report: Day 2 – Emerson Paradise Villas, Meeting Family, The Blue House

I woke up at 7:00 am and walked outside to see the sunrise. It was a great quiet time as I watched the sunrise with a cool breeze from the sea behind me.
Milton and Patricia brought breakfast to the villa at 9:30 am. It was nice breakfast of steamed cabbage with carrots, pick-up saltfish, boiled white & yellow yam and boiled green banana. We had Blue Mountain coffee and fruit juices.

After breakfast the children headed to the pool. I took a tour of the property as I am on the lookout for a location for our next family reunion. There were four villas each were 3 bed rooms/3 bathrooms and decorated similarly. (See video and pictures).

For the rest of the morning to late afternoon I hung out at on the pool deck enjoying the scene. As the waves hit the rocks it made a loud sound that the staff said sounded like a bull cow. As the water sprayed in the air it had the reflection of a rainbow.  It was really relaxing.

 I looked out at sea watching 2 men on small boat fishing. They moved from location to location dropping their mesh wire net. They did not seem to catch fish.
I may have dozed off as I looked up and the boat was gone.

We left Emerson Paradise Villas (see room tour at the end) late that evening.  It was now time for a visit with family.

A relative in Discovery Bay picked us up and carried us around to see family in Runaway bay. Next it was off to The Blue House, a small Bed and Breakfast just outside of Ocho Rios.

The directions were perfect and we found The Blue House in no time. You cannot miss The Blue House.

We were warmly greeted at the top of the gate by David and another gentleman. They helped us with our bags and showed us our rooms.  The place was nicely decorated in traditional mahogany wood furniture. The rooms were spacious with windows that provide great lighting. (See room tour at the end)

We were just in time for dinner which is served at 7:00pm. We were seated on the outdoor balcony with the cool air and the sounds of the night.

Elise the owner joined us for dinner.  For appetizers there was jerk shrimp and grilled shrimp. I tried the Jerk Shrimp. It was well seasoning but not too spicy. It was “finger licking” delicious.  I could not get enough. It was the best jerk shrimp I ever tasted.

The entrée was white rice, oxtails, and grill fish with a very nice sauce, grilled vegetables (organic carrots, chocho and sweet potato). It was a great meal. My children loved it and had seconds.

For desert there was ice cream and chocolate cake. My wife asked if they have Jamaican Christmas cake (Black cake or Fruit cake). They did. She had it with some sorrel.

Elise was the perfect host and left us to chat with the other guests who were having dinner. Her mom came outside and had a conversation with us too.  After a great meal we were so stuffed we could barely move.

Emerson Paradise Villas Room Tour

The Blue House Honeymoon Suite Room Tour