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Jamaica Villa Vacation

Vacationing in a villa in Jamaica is a great experienced and enjoyable. If you are looking for exquisite seclusion then a Jamaica villa is perfect for you. Jamaica is said to be one of the originators of villa vacation packages &so there a many offering there to suit your needs.

1. Know what you need
Do you want to cook & need a well-stocked Kitchen?
Decide how many people will be going. Many of the resorts with villas in Jamaica have more than 1 room and space areas for ‘crashing’. This will allow you to distribute the cost among a few people. In general the larger the group you have the lower the cost. Meet with your group to decide the vacation expectation of everyone.

2. Decide what type of Villa you need
Are you looking for seclusion with just a pool or the beach? Are you looking for a villa where lots of activity is close by? Maybe you want a mixture of seclusion & activity. Most people choose a villa because of the privacy and seclusion it offers however you will find that many of the villas in Jamaica may have activities or can arrange them for you.

3. Do Research
Once you have decided on the size of the group & the type of villa the next step should be find a villa. If you have a large group villa size matters. There are many resources online & offline. These include the destination guide, our accommodations links directory, the Jamaican Tourist Board, Jamaican Association of Villas and Apartments, , Villas by Linda Smith.,

Though not quite as popular in Jamaica there is also the option of renting a home directly from a homeowner or a home exchange. Visit these resource Cyber Rentals and Home Exchange.

4. Before You Book
Once you have narrowed down the choices it is time to ask more specific questions. Rates, service charges, taxes, will there be someone available on property if there is problem, security. If the property is a member of JAVA contact them and ask these questions. Also use the many interactive Jamaican websites and ask others for feedback. The bulletin board is probably the best place to start. Be blunt. Ask the questions about the things you believe would make your vacation uncomfortable. The more information you have the better your decision.

5. Book It
Once you make a decision book it and enjoy. You will be joining celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Martha Stewart & Jim Carey who have taken a Villa vacation in Jamaica.

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