Joke: Jamaican Restaurant Or Not?

A Jamaican man coming to the US for the first time went into a Jamaican restaurant and asked the waitress “what kinda Jamaican food unno sell?”

To which the waiter replied, “Well we have oxtail, curried goat, curry chicken, tripe & beans, cook-up salt fish and ackee & salt fish.”

Jamaican man: “Tell de man them seh give me one oxtail dinner wid some curry goat gravy. What kinda Jamaican drinks you have?”

Waiter: “Ginger beer, sorrel, lemonade, magnum, front end lifter, agony and coconut water.”

Jamaican man: “Give me one large ginger beer. What kinda dessert you have?”

Waiter: “We have potato pudding, blue draws corn pudding.”

Jamaican man: “Aright give me two slices of di pitata pudding. And mi want di same thing to go.”

After he was finished eating, the Jamaican man asked the waiter for the bill, which came to US$15.

He took out a Jamaican $1000.00 dollar bill, placed it on the counter and told the waiter to keep di change.

The waiter was furious and told the man “we don’t take Jamaican money here.”

The man replied “mi come in yah and nyam Jamaican food, drink Jamaican drinks and eat Jamaican desert. If you nuh want di Jamaican dollars den tek down the……….sign outa doowah weh seh JAMAICAN RESTAURANT!!!”