Justine Skye Pays Tribute To Her Jamaican Heritage With New H&M Fashion Line

Songwriter, singer and actress Justine Skye is collaborating with H&M to create a new fashion line for the brand. The line reflects Skye’s style and features “excessive prints,” sets that match and accessories reminiscent of past times. Skye worked with Ade Samuel, stylist and creative director, to devise a fashion collection that is totally new for H&M. It includes streetwear featuring cloud designs, a reference to the singer’s name. It also includes plaid patterns that “feel so Brooklyn,” in Skye’s words. The collection receives its inspiration from the singer’s unique persona and seeks to introduce the public to who she is and where she comes from.

The new fashion collection offers four pieces that are stamped with the date “1995” in reference to Skye’s birth year. The year 2019 was a nostalgic one in fashion, she notes, and there was a “resurgence of birth years on clothes.” Skye designed a grey sweatsuit with a “1995 graphic” as well as a “color block biker short set” that also has the year displayed across its waistband.

Skye told Teen Vogue Magazine said she wanted to provide a line that “really related” to the H&M audience and noted that she believes a considerable portion of her age group shops at HYM. “When they walk in, they’re like, ‘Oh my God. I was born in 1995, too. That’s dope. I want to get that!’”

While Skye says it’s hard to choose a favorite from the new line, she said she loves sweats and that “I literally live in-seat pants.” The singer-songwriter is only just making a start in fashion design now, but has always loved it. Her first fashion memory comes from when she was 17 years old attended “Fashion Night Out” during Fashion Week. The prints included in the collection are a signature design that she intended to reflect her Jamaican roots. Although she was born and raised in Brooklyn, Skye says that her Caribbean influences are “embedded” into her personality. Jamaicans “love patterns,” she says, and they love to wear matching all-over prints. She shared that numerous dancehall queens and general Jamaican fashions utilize patterns and “matchy matchy outfits.” The collection of 17 pieces has a price range of $4.99 to $54,99 and is now available for purchase.

Information and Photo Source: Teen Vogue Magazine, H&M, YouTube.com