Jamaica’s Chrismus Tyme

It’s the day before Chrismus, houses are clean, spic and spang
Well decorated with Chrismus Cards from many Foreign Lands
Hairdresser with hot comb ina fiya, Tailor a sew lakka madman
The Barber dem so busy while Market an Supermarket dem ram

De Sidewalks dem whitewash, de Gully dem klean
Chrismus light beamed pon lightpole amid de chilly Chrismus breeze
De whole Place lok so tidy, y’u would tink we’ll be getting a visit fram de Queen

Now it’s the night before Chrismus when all through the house
The smell of sorrel, cook food and bake cakes… roamed all about
Not a child was sleeping, nar an adult asleep
Ebry Jackman waiting fe Tenkie Mastah, Santa Claus to greet
Some say him roune de korna while others say down de Chimney
But many don’t care how him come… jus as long as him reach

Aunt Dassa and Uncle Hermon did cum fram waya Inglan
We get a hole heap a tings, fe nice up we Chrismus man
Rubecca, Tathlin an Icilda, what a joyful lickle band
Dem lef fram waya country, ina dem horse drawn wagon
By mid day dem wi reach yah, but by den Santa noh cum an gane
Yet Nyamings dem we ketch, faar a lot deya fe Nyam.

Now its Chrismus mawnin, excitement deya galore
Ebryone a ask wey dem Chrismus
Like dem hear me bruck gift store.
Hear dey! Hear dey! Feefe a blow an clapas a bus
Pickney a race fe open dem present fus
Johnkoonoo an Harsehead masquerading in de street
While Pickini a run ana bawl… ana hide anda dem Mooma feet.

Old Mas Tom dung yandah wid wan piece a mea-rengae-reng
A soso rum drinking him ina straight back to New Years Evening
So everyone havin a good time, far Jamaica Chrismus is realy sinting fe true
Radio a play carols an a announce Chrismus wishes too
Greetings fram weya a Merica and even from down a Mucko too
A Jolly Chrismus to all and a Happy New Year to you.