Lawyer gets lessons on Parish Court procedures from Judge

A lawyer who recently turned up to represent a client got lessons from a Parish Court Judge recently.
In defence to a claim for outstanding rent, he turned up on behalf of his client, the Defendant. The attorney turned up to argue that the Plaintiff in fact had owed the Defendant. At that hearing he sought to secure an order for sums he claimed would have been the balance after the outstanding rent would have been deducted.

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The sums the lawyer argued were owed to the Defendant, his client, for injury she sustained while a tenant.
However the Parish Judge would not hear any of the explanation declaring that the claim he raised was ‘not before the Court’.
Simply put the attorney needed to have filed the documents and claim relating to the ‘owed sums’ well in advance. Besides the documents would have had to be served on the Plaintiff as well. This is based on the rules and procedures of the parish court.
In his favour however, the Parish Judge allowed another date to provide the attorney with the opportunity to set the claim or counterclaim for that matter straight.
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