Little Lion at Bat : Jamaican Book Review

‘Little Lion Goes to School’ tells the story of a young Rastafarian boy, struggling to fit in at a new school where the children tease him for being poor and different. With his fathers’ help, he learns to value who he is, not what he possesses and that what makes him different, also makes him special. The book is written in rhyme and is meant for children 8 and under.

‘Little Lion Goes to School’ is the first in a series that will follow the young Rastafarian through his adventures growing up in the Caribbean. While the book is set in the Caribbean, its themes and message are appropriate for children of all ethnicitie

About the Book
“Little Lion at Bat” is the follow up to “Little Lion Goes to School”. It tells the story of a
young Rastafarian boy, Zachariah Zion, who overcomes his doubting coach and naysayers to
save his school in the biggest cricket match of the year. The story is written in rhyme and is
suitable for children ages 8 and under. It is part of a collection of Jamaican children’s books
that are meant to promote literacy and interest in Jamaican culture in children at the
elementary level.



Donna Francis, ClubMom , Brooklyn, New York
Another inspiring message for all youngsters from Little Lion! With its rhythmic flow, colorful artwork, and a story that all kids can relate to, Little Lion’s latest adventure will be an entertaining and welcome read for all.

Charissa Fernandez, The Afterschool Corporation, New York, New York
Magnus has made another much needed contribution to the collection of Caribbean children’s literature. Little Lion at Bat highlights some of the many aspects of the Caribbean culture in which our children can take pride, while sharing the rich culture with children from other backgrounds.

The text and the illustrations are engaging for children and adults alike. Little Lion at Bat certainly helps to bring cricket to life for those of us who are not fanatics.

We can all be proud of the strong, clear voice that Magnus has created in little Zachariah Zion.-

Cherryl Hanson Simpson, Kingston, Jamaica
At last! Another Little Lion book. My son has beenwaiting for this since “Little Lion Goes to School”. He’s really excited about this Little Lion story,especially because he loves cricket. We can’t wait for the third book.

About the Author
Kellie Magnus is the Editorial Director at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) at the University of the West Indies, and the Director of its business unit, She is the author of the children’s book, Little Lion Goes to School, which was approved for use in the New York City school system. She also has contributed children’s books to the Ministry of Education’s primary school curriculum. Kellie is also the author of the children’s books and parent/teacher manual which form part of the Max and Friends programme, a multimedia package designed for children with autism and related developmental disorders.
Kellie writes regularly on arts and entertainment for numerous Caribbean publications. She lives in Kingston, Jamaica.

About the Illustrator
Michael Robinson is a Visual Communications Consultant whose diverse body of work includes photography, videography, sculpture, painting and computer-aided design. He is also co-owner of a t-shirt company specializing in urban Jamaican designs. Mike has won several awards at the national level, including medals for drawing, writing and photography. His work has been exhibited at the Grosvenor and Mutual Life Galleries in Kingston. He has also participated in group shows in Aruba, Curacao and Japan. He spent five years as a freelance journalist, writing for Jamaica’s two largest newspapers. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife Tami and their children, India and Jared.

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