A Love Letter to Jamaica

For a week or two we’ll fall in love again
I will bathe in your riches
Make passionate love to your sunshine
Detoxify my soul and thaw my bones
I will be home, Jamaica, for yet a little while
To be impregnated again with a permanent smile
Your clean breath on my face, rejuvenates my every cell
For one more year, until I come home again

We grew apart, though I don’t belong here
I purchased the right to stay
The dream I ask for, for too many years, plus a day
Though I shed tears every Christmas
I love you so, so very much
I hug so tight the memories carved in my brain
I savour every moment we shared

Jamaica, my mama, I fed on your breast
I grew up on the milk I suck from your bosom
Every time I slip and fall on frozen experiences
I love you more, deeper than before
O Jamaica, the world knows your name
Through good and bad I cherish you

I will come home again
I know my warm blanket, you’ll welcome me
I haven’t changed, just shed layers of me
Too fragile now, waited in too many ques, pretty sad too,
Knowing I will always have you, I can never be deported
Cause going to you is like going to heaven
There I shall live a new life, new birth
Sing a new song