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Marcia Griffiths…
Marcia Griffiths is, over the long haul, Jamaica’s # 1 female musical superstar. She began recording with Coxone Dodd back in the later 60s during the Rock Steady era…. and she’s still going strong. Also a member of Bob Marley’s backing trio – the I 3s, much of her earliest success came from her recordings of Bob Andy songs both with the duo of Bob and Marcia and as a solo artist. ‘Feel Like Jumping’, ‘Truly’, ‘Melody Life’, ‘Tell Me Now’ and ‘Always Together’ are but a sample of her early hits. Marcia’s work into the 70s with Mrs. Sonia Pottinger was also first rate. The albums ‘Naturally’ and ‘Steppin’ were proof positive that a woman had something important to contribute during the male dominated ‘ROOTS’ period. ‘Dreamland’, ‘Peaceful Woman’ and ‘Steppin Out of Babylon’ were just some of her successes at that time. AND she did it while recording and touring with Bob Marley as well. Donovan Germain brought Marcia’s talents back to the forefront when he recorded combinations with Marcia and dancehall stars Cutty Ranks, Buju Banton, and others. Marcia Griffiths’ work at Penthouse, including songs like ‘Fire Burning’ and ‘I Shall Sing’ really paved the way for females to step forward in the more modern Jamaican music scene. Marcia Griffiths is…one of a kind. Listen Now

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