McDonalds Adds Jamaican Jerk Chicken “Burger” to UK Menu

McDonalds Jamaican Chicken with Spicy Jerk Sauce

The fast-food chain McDonald’s is now offering for a limited time a Jamaican chicken “burger”  with a spicy jerk sauce. In addition to two pieces of crispy chicken, the sandwich also features mayo, Beechwood-smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese, red onion, and lettuce on a jerk-seasoned bun. The chicken burger was first made available on October 4, 2017, and will be on the menu until November 14, 2017. The bun and sauce have received excellent reviews from foodies. The Jamaican chicken burger is part of one of McDonald’s special collections, The Spicy.

Jamaicans on social media reacted negatively to the new burger. Below is a review of the McDonald’s Jamaican Chicken with Spicy Jerk Sauce.

Photo Source: YouTube

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