Over the years, there have been more radio stations that play reggae music and with artists like Sean Paul and Wayne Wonder, even the Yankees request to hear them on the radio.

If you twist that dial any day of the week (and weekends) you can find quite a few AM and FM stations that have one or two hours of Reggae and some have even more time. Most shows are in the evening or late night. Orange County has a few dedicated radio shows as well as LA. If they were all to be listed here, it would take up a few pages! Ask anyone that listens to Reggae on the radio in LA and they will tell you what *their* favorite stations are, when and where on that dial to find them.

Unfortunately, there are no television stations/programs solely dedicated to Caribbean residents within the Los Angeles area. The Beat Magazine, dedicated to Reggae & African/World Music is published in LA and has been on the stands or by subscription Internationally for over 20 years now.