From years gone back we were black
But God gave us pride and our dignity we cannot hide
They packed us like tins
In what seemed almost like garbage bins
Our freedom we lost in the triangular cross
Many died along the ride
Those who lived now gave the tide.

From our homeland of gold
And plenteous riches untold
We were captured as slaves
And were scorned to our graves
We ploughed, we worked all in the dirt
Our masters full of pride and prejudice
And did us injurious things
But we survived!
And are still alive!

Motherland we salute thee
Our country of pride and dignity
We are black but we are strong
Folks look out for here we come
We invented!
We created!
We broke the barriers the others have created
Now everybody knows the way to go
Mother Africa –where we all flow
Like cascading waters our souls flow on
Oh! My beloved,

About the author

Meicha AliciaGeohaegn