Mr. 2004

Tell us about your reaction when you heard you had won Ms./Mr 2004?

Well I was kinda surprised. Even though many brothas didn’t enter, I never really knew I would emerge winner.

Did you consult with last years contest winners?

No; didn’t even remember that there was a contest last year.

Did you enter last years contest?


What did you think when you first heard about the contest?

Okay cool. Lemme have some fun.

Why did you enter the contest?

Entered the contest because I thought it would bring some more excitement to the board. I was never a popular person socially so I just gave it a shot.

How do you feel about the boardites voting you as the winner?

I think they made the right choice. Even though I thought the contest was “JUST FOR FUN,” I gave honest answers; answers that I would normally make.

What does being Ms./Mrs mean to you?

I am not really sure if there are any expectations of me, but I’m a just keep doing what I do on the board. Contribute to the good, and try to be a model citizen of I believe that we all can be assets if we choose to be.

What would you like to see in the next contest?

I’d like to see the more popular men big up demself.

Did you have any idea you would become a part of the online community?

I wasn’t sure cause I found it kinda hard to get around but as soon as I got the hang of it, the experience was great. That’s why I’m still here!!

What were thoughts of the bulletin board when you first visited?

First it was a little confusing – that’s just because my expectations were lower and the standards on the site are higher. When I got familiar with the site I noticed it was very well organized. Kudos to management on that. It is organized in every sense of the word.

Where in the world are you located?

Brooklyn, NY

What advice do you have for Mr. and Ms. contestants for next year?

Do what u do best, and just be what you pretend to be.