My dad died 10 years ago, can I change locks and sell house

Hello, Legal Wiz,

I received your name from WB who lives overseas. You served divorce papers to her ex, and she said you were very great -professional, quick, and knowledgeable. Just what I seek.

I have a unique question in that I have the title for a house my father built in Westmoreland. When he died without a will, 10 years ago, my cousin put a lock on the house to stop burglary. Now, that I have the title. I would like to sell the house (as I hear the neighbourhood is rough, but my cousin is very unreliable, now claiming to have left the key with a watchman he has to TRY to reach but it is far etc… Can I have my real estate agent cut the lock? The house sits in a rougher part of town from what I understand so I have not been there… what can I do without a key? can you help? I have been working on this for 10 years and just want it settled. I am tired. Please hurry with a reply.


Dear Stefani,

You can have the locks immediately changed, once certain conditions are met such as if the house is unoccupied. However, to go further, you need to prove or obtain your legal authority to act. If your father left no will, Letters of administration needs to be applied for through the Supreme Court. The issue of other children or anyone else who may be entitled to anything may need to be dealt with. Our team members can assist for a fee. Please ensure the taxes are fully paid up.

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