My darling heart–for you my love

My darling heart: what is love if you are not here with me?

My flesh feels numb–detach from the soul;

I am like a floating lifeless spirit,

I miss the warmth of your mouth;

sharing joy and pleasure.


Bring back laughter to my heart,

For my face cannot smile–without the goodness of you;

The years of not seeing you seems forever,

And I wonder will your heart be good to me?

as we were then—your serenest made I complete.

My soul weeps,

And my eyes are blinded,

by the absence of your presence;

The crown upon my head that tells splendor,

I hid in black;

As I keep our memory alive of our youth.

Will you know me, my love?

If you are not here, my sorrows will not end,

Come quickly—to hold my heart!

You must find me—before my light cease!

For I want to kiss love,

I want to kiss love,

I want to kiss love once again!

©2006 Maxine Foster