My Fellow Jamaicans Let’s Build Up Sha’carri Richardson As It Helps All Women

I took some time to observe and reflect, and I’ll say this, I DO NOT agree with the online bashing, shaming, and trolling of Sha’carri Richardson by Jamaicans. While it started out largely in humour it became progressively abusive to the young lady. Jamaicans, we should be proud of our athletic prowess, however, there is a thin line between pride and arrogance, and we are not entitled to win ANY race.

Sha’carri is a young, talented athlete and she should be proud of her achievements and be eager for more. More importantly, she is a woman in an international sport that consistently underpays and underrepresents women and especially women of color. All athletes, including our Jamaicans, have to constantly fight for respect and value. The ease with which we trolled another female athlete is not ok and we can do better. To be given the honour to represent your country on any international platform is not an easy feat. It means your are excellent and would have won many times to ascend to that success.

Sha’carri is one of the top ten fastest women in the world, it means you are excellent and it is something to be proud of. When they go low, we go high and our winning was enough. We can win and be gracious in our victories and still honour defeat, as to run in any race means you tried… even if you failed.

Let’s show her the true Jamaican spirit and rise above….After all, she is another black woman.

Photo and Video: Youtube