My nephew rented my house, and now cant get rent nor the house back

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I left my nephew to take care of my house. He was not working so he got my house free to stay. He called me to tell me that he is trying to get a tenant he put there out. He said the court is not helping. What can I do from here in Michigan?

Clara Maragh

RESPONSE: Dear Ms Maragh,

Your nephew should have been advised that he needed to get a written documents from the person with legal authority. A title can prove who has authority, and a power of attorney document must be given to your nephew. The power of attorney document needs to be registered before your nephew can use it in a court of law, or even if he should go to the Rent Assessment board for assistance. So to answer your question, please have a power of attorney document drafted. You will then need to sign it and get it notarised. After that you need to send it along with a certificate from the state that the notary had authority to notarise it.

Legal Wiz