My ‘sick’ uncle is walking around homeless in Jamaica

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I live in the UK and my uncle who had no children and never got married needs someone to assist him. I learnt from neighbours that he is walking on the road naked as if he is homeless. He actually has property out there and asked me sometimes to help with the taxes.
I am coming to Jamaica and until then I need him to be taken off the streets, and placed somewhere.
Can you assist with that? I also will need to know what to do to become his legal guardian and possibly then I’ll try to get him here with me.
Shauna Graham

legal wiz_homeless_man_person

RESPONSE: Dear Shauna
We would need more information on his condition and whereabouts before we can provide more information on the steps we could take.
Based on research, you may need to approach the Court to get legal guardianship, afterwards.

All the best.

Legal Wiz


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