My Commitment

The journey continues

One more year of suffering

The prize has been won

Still it remains elusive, evasive

But I know there is an Elysium

So I persist


I persist because I love you

Because we were meant to be

Because you were made for me

Because I am you and you are me

We are a reflection a mirror


Though we are not the same

We will become the same

Cause that is certainty

From the seed that is planted


And because of the evasion

I am not allowed to watch the germination stage of my seed

But I am determined to watch it grow and I will

Cause we were meant to be


I think of you ever so often

Of the naivety of us not getting together sooner

Of the happy times we shared

Of the good times we have wasted being bitter at each other

And I pledge in my heart not to make such mistake again

But to comfort you with love

To understand your needs and to listen to your silent questions

To seek out your warmth and embrace it


Being away from you has forced me to get closer to you

I am strengthened by your desire for me

I am encouraged by your support

I have now realized my duty

My job

It is to make sure that you feel secure

That you remain loved

That you are assured

That you know that you are wanted

That’s why I am making this commitment

I love you forever my future

About the author

Maurice A.Williams