My last Jamaican girl poem

As my eyes water
My dreams of love, turn to fear
The closer we get, the farther I want to be
I can’t take a chance of being hurt again

I am not that strong
When I fall in love, I give you my heart to hold
I leave myself vulnerible, trust I depend on you
If you ever let go, I will be lifeless

You say you love me
I believe you do, but not as much as I need
I can’t share your love, I’m not that giving
I think you know that you want it to end

I can’t give you what you want
You ask for so much, you know I don’t have it
I wish you didn’t need it, it hurts to say no
I’ve ruined your dreams and mine

You want me to marry you
But to commit, I expect more
The longer I’ve known you, the more mysterious you’ve become
Those nights, those calls, I wish I knew of
Honesty just lost its meaning

You tell me to believe you
I know what I’ve heard, but you tell me different
I’ve seen proof, you say I’m crazy
I can’t take a chance with my heart

I will be losing the most incredible woman
A Jamaican queen, reggae’s finest dancer
Rastamen’s delight, a Asian man’s angel
She is more than I can handle

I wish I could take the chance
To ask you for your hand
I’m too careful, too used
Old men have hearts still, you know?