I need to stop the conwoman from getting title of Ja land

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My aunt died and we lapsed in the tax payments. I recently visited the tax office because the titles office told me to clear all taxes before title can be transferred. I found out someone has been paying the taxes. I contacted the only person I knew who had taken away the paperwork about the house from me. Her response was that I took too long to pay the taxes so someone else has gotten the house. None of these persons ever lived for any long period at the house, and are not relatives of my aunt and didn’t even know her so I need assistance.
I found out she and a gentleman whose name appears as paying the sum I gave her for the property tax, have been trying to apply for the title.
Nadine Armstrong

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RESPONSE: Dear Nadine,
Although you will need the assistance of an attorney, you need to be aware that several issues arise from your experience and so there will be more than one legal action to be taken on your behalf. The simplest one is to visit the resident magistrate court and get help to sue the woman for the monies you gave her, whether you can prove she was the one who paid it in the man’s name or not.
Then you need to bring all the documents you have for the property and take it to an attorney. The attorney will first have to assess if you have a sound legal claim to the property. The Legal Wiz team can assist with research.
Legal Wiz


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