Negril Trip Report (through a child’s eyes)

This is the fourth time my mommy has taken me to Jamaica and I love it. We are staying at the Bar B Barn because last Christmas I made friends with Uncle Norman’s daughters. He has 2 daughters and I like to play with them very much. Also Jon Jon and Danny are coming from Panama with their mom and dad. I met them last year also. I’m so excited. This is the first time we had a jet way but this is the first time I arrive on American Airlines. The singers and dancers are singing and dancing. My mommy tells them “Marilyn said to tell you hello”. Oooooooo it’s hot! I like it. Mommy and I share a taxi to Negril and we’re off. I love to sit in the front and get scared when the goats come on the road and the driver honks and honks. I like it when it looks like the other car is coming straight at you and then it doesn’t. It makes my tummy tickle.
Finally we arrive at BBB. Mommy talks to a woman that was on our plane I see Rachel but I don’t see Rebecca anywhere. I also tell Uncle Norm I want some of his French Toast even if it isn’t morning and he makes it for me. Rebecca and I play. Miss Gem – the fruit lady sees me and I run to her. She takes her basket off her head and gives me a big big hug. Auntie Susan sees me and gives me a big hug and kiss. Finally my best friend Rebecca arrives. WOW. This year she is taller than me but this year I have my front teeth. We all put on our bathing suits and go swimming.

My mommy looks so happy. She is drinking a pink drink with a fruit in it and chatting away with Miss Elaine at the bar. We swim and swim until the sun sets. Tonight it makes the sky a pretty gray and pink color and the sun is big and red. We leave the beach now and play with our GameBoys at the Bar. Uncle Norman brings us a big plate of fried dumplings, first time I have tried them they are wonderful. They have a little swirl on top and I can eat 6 of them with no butter or anything. Yum.Mommy is tired because we woke up very early. I want to wait up for Jon Jon and Danny but Mommy says I will see them tomorrow. I don’t want to go to bed but I shower and I am fast asleep in 2 seconds on nice clean white sheets with the tree frogs chirping. Today is nice and sunny. The water is very blue. Mommy and I have breakfast. She always asks, “What’s the Jamaican breakfast?” and then orders it. I have French Toast every day if Mommy doesn’t make me eat something else. Mommy says look look and I see Jon Jon, Danny and his mom walking on the beach. Time for the fun to start. We all get beach chairs together. Rachel and Rebecca come out to play and we swim until we are hungry. I like jerk chicken from Bourbon Beach and I can walk there and get it by myself. Uncle Norman has food on the beach too and the fried chicken is the best. The pizza at Angela’s is very good. I like the thin crust. My favorite is cheese and tomato but she makes some with meat. I can eat a whole one by myself. We get to ride the Banana Boat. That was a lot of fun. It goes really fast. Uncle Charley plays baseball with us. He and Auntie Judith are visiting Miss Mary. They are staying there also. Uncle Charley has fixed the house and it is very nice. Everything is all new. He says he and Auntie Judith will live there one day. Miss Mary lives in Jamaica every day. She is lucky. Mommy buys me tee shirts at Time Square. It is close to the Bar B Barn. We have to cross the street. The cars are fast and we wait and wait before we cross. The stores smell good. I see rings and watches in the windows. We don’t go in those stores because Mommy doesn’t have enough money. Uncle Norman has a jerk center. It has games. Rebecca and I play the games. Auntie Susan gives us tokens so we don’t have to use real money and we can play and play. Today Mommy and I decide to see if we can walk up the whole beach. It’s very long but I think we can do it. There are lots of things for sale on the beach. People keep asking us to buy things and Mommy just smiles and says “not now”.

There are a lot of people on the beach. We see a big pile of sand. It’s a sandman. It is taller than me. It has limes for buttons and lemons for eyes. There is a small one also. It is so cute. Mommy takes a picture of me with the sandmen. We keep walking. I see a foot in the sand. Where is the person? It’s a plastic foot with a ring on the toe. We laugh and laugh. Mommy wants to eat at Cosmo’s. We stop and have lunch. The beach there is nice and quiet. I play with the children while Mommy eats and talks. Mommy likes to talk. She has goat for lunch. I don’t want goat because they are too cute to eat. I want a vegetable patty and Mommy gets me one. The beach is too long for us to walk. We turn around and go back to Uncle Norman’s. Jon Jon and Danny are swimming. I jump in too.

Today is our last day. I am sad. I love Jamaica. Mommy laughs and tells me I’m her little Jamaicaholic. I want to come back for my birthday. Mommy says Jamaica or toys? I say Jamaica. Uncle Charlie drives us to the airport. Mommy and I are quiet. Mommy is not crying this time. I feel like crying because I want to stay in Jamaica forever. I want to be the President of Jamaica. Uncle Charlie laughs and says you have to be born in Jamaica to be the President. I tell him they can change the rules. We are at the airport. Mommy buys rum and rum cake. Our plane is ready. Now Mommy starts crying. I start crying. Goodbye Jamaica. I’ll be back!