Jamaican Restaurant Opens in Great Falls, Montana

Jamaican Restaurant Opens in Great Falls, Montana

Chris and Rose Wedderburn are bringing the taste of  Jamaica and the Caribbean to Great Falls, Montana with their new restaurant Jah T’aime Food and Catering LLC. The items on the menu include jerk pork, jerk chicken, and rice &  peas. The Wedderburns hope to bring a taste of the islands to local tables, with Rose Wedderburn, who is originally from the Virgin Islands, noting, that if a visitor goes to the home of an island person, that visitor will surely not leave hungry, and that’s the feeling she wants diners at her restaurant to enjoy. The restaurant began as a food truck in Hawaii but has now evolved into a sit-down venue in Great Falls. The Wedderburns realized that the area did not have many ethnic food choices, so it was a perfect chance to introduce their Caribbean cuisine to local diners. Chris Wedderburn, who hails from Jamaica, does the cooking, while Rose takes care of guests up front.

Here are a few of the comments and reviews posted by customers posted on their facebook page:

Best food in Great Falls Montana hands down. The owners are incredibly kind and wonderful. You will love their delicious food! It fills your tummy and heart all at once! – Karla Lemoine

These two wonderful people have made Great Falls that much better by giving us the gift of Jamaican food. The oxtails were amazing! Baked macaroni, shrimp curry and jerk chicken were an absolute delight. Do not hesitate to give them a try, you won’t be disappointed. – Chantelle Newkirt

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