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NICK – The Negril Internet Coalition for Kids

The Negril Internet Coalition for Kids, NICK, is a coalition of friends and families that met through the INTERNET who so generously have volunteered to aide the children of Negril, Jamaica and surrounding areas in whatever way we can. We are a volunteer driven Non-Profit 501C-3 organization dedicated to helping the children we have come to love and cherish. We will be working together with the hospitals, doctors, churches, service clubs and other members of the communities. Our goal is to simply offer aide and support where needed.

To offer aide and support to the children of Negril, Jamaica and surrounding areas in the fields of health, education and general well-being. To raise funds for those children who are seriously ill and to alleviate the financial stress from their families. To volunteer time and collect donated items to assist doctors, teachers and community leaders with children’s programs. To offer support in a non-invasive way to promote a self-sustaining and healthy lifestyle.

Current Projects

SAVANNAH LA MAR HOSPITAL PEDIATRIC WARDNICK is dedicated to continuing on-going efforts to assist the wonderful staff of the Savannah La Mar hospital provide the best care to the patients of the pediatric ward. NICK recently sponsored surgery in Kingston for Kevin Beckford who suffers from sickle cell and needed his spleen removed. We are pleased to announce that the surgery was a success and little Kevin is back in Savannah La Mar.

The Women’s Center in Savannah La Mar is devoted to helping teenage mother’s adjust to life with a new child. The center replaces school for the pregnant women, teaches them the skills they need and after the birth of the child, reintroduces them to the educational system.

There are several ways you can help.

  • By volunteering your time.
  • By donating money.
  • By donating items

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Phone : 215-536-6611 Sean Nunes
E-Mail: [email protected]

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