Nova Scotia Couple Says No to Wedding Gifts, Asks for Donations to Jamaican School Instead

Shayla Loppie and Nathan Simon love Jamaica and have visited the country several times. As part of their destination wedding plans, the couple is asking for guests to make donations to a small school on the island instead of buying them wedding gifts. Their visits to Jamaica have focused their attention on how many benefits they have living in Canada. Loppie specifically cited the availability of good health care, free education, and sports programs for children. Contrasting their situation with that of children in Jamaica, the couple decided to contact the Ministry of Education in Jamaica to see how they could help. The Ministry suggested donations to Prickley Pole Primary School located on the north coast of the island. After communicating with the school’s principal, Loppie found that the school needs stationery, toiletries, and eating utensils. The couple created a GoFundMe account to raise the money to provide these supplies and have y raised $2,000 in ten days. They plan to deliver the donations to the school personally, just two days before their wedding ceremony. Loppie says the six teachers and 106 students at the school are eager to meet with them. The couple will bring their entire wedding party of 60 people to the school for the meeting as well.

Photo via Facebook