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What Is a Hotel suitable for a 1-night stay in Montego Bay ? – Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A

Hotel In Montego Bay Jamaica

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email:  I was wondering if anybody is able to suggest a hotel suitable for a one night stay in Montego Bay. Could you also recommend whether public transport is safe in Jamaica at night as I will be arriving in the evening alone?

T. Edwards – No, avoid public transport in Montego Bay at night if you’re not familiar with the area… better to hire a taxi cab (charter) – whether you call a cab company directly or have one of the airport attendants recommend you a specific driver. will double check reasonable hotels for one night stays.

K. Alvarez – Hmmm….. is this a first time visitor? You have to pay attn to safety anywhere you go but Jamaica is safe. Dont be afraid to get out and enjoy yourself.

L. Turner – I would recommend Palm Bay hotel. Use an airport taxi from the airport

J. Ambassador – Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel is also a suggestion

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