If You Are Looking For An Opportunity To Help Jamaica, This Is It!!! This Is It!!!

Yes, You Can Make A Difference in Jamaica right NOW and Combine this with a Vacation. Come to Jamaica and do Something for this Beautiful  Island.

Are you thinking about Jamaica but do not know what to do or where to start? Look no further. Consider doing something a little different. Join Jamaica Volunteer Vacations for a week of exciting activities and be part of the change that is happening in the country.

There are many projects from which to choose. Bring only a good attitude and a Willingness to try new ideas and activities.

Here Are 10 Volunteer Opportunities Available:

1. Teaching
You can teach any subject of your choice or you can just sit and talk to children who need a shoulder to lean on

2. Building Maintenance
Working as a building maintenance volunteer involves some carpentry, painting, plumbing, or other general construction work. Many schools and other buildings located in some of the poorest neighbourhoods have leaking roof and bathrooms, or they may need desks or chairs repaired. Peeling walls also need painting.
3. Volunteering with Disabled Children
Schools and homes provide services for the blind, the deaf, and those with physical challenges. They need help learning new skills and techniques used by the developed world. Play with them, do drama or craft-making, or just engage them in sports.

4. Health Care Volunteer
Opportunities are available in hospitals, cancer hospices, and centers for HIV/AIDS. Many sick or terminally ill persons need help with feeding or just someone to talk to. Just reading to them or holding their hands and showing them that you care is sometimes all that is needed.

5. Career Guidance Volunteer
If you are an entrepreneur or have professional skills, there are many opportunities available to attend a school and hold a discussion on options in your area for career choices. Many students need help in making career choices, especially for non-traditional careers.

6. Coaching
Children who live in children’s homes or poor communities are rich in talent but lack the coaching to develop their skills. Be a coach and give them the feeling of being a winner.

7. Volunteer and Give Children a “Treat”
Many poor children and those living in children’s homes have never been to the theatre or had a formal dinner in a restaurant. Take a group to the theatre to see a local play or go to a nice restaurant.
8. Collect and Distribute Gifts
Collect gifts of clothes, books, and school supplies in your community and bring them to schools or children’s homes here in Jamaica.

9. Volunteer by Holding Workshops
If you are a professional or have a skill, do workshops and pass on your knowledge to others. Many teachers in secondary education and trade training schools can benefit from your knowledge of the latest technological development in their area.

10. Help Develop a Computer Department
Many schools in Jamaica need to set up an Internet department or need computer support. If you have expertise in setting up a database or know about software development, there are numerous areas to serve.
Friend, here’s my personal invitation. I’d like to take a moment to invite you to come to Jamaica and be our very special guest. I want you to know that we will ensure that you have a rewarding and life changing experience.

About the author: Maureen Wright-Evans is the CEO of Jamaica Volunteer Vacations – a company  specializing  in packages that combine volunteering and a vacation.  Find out how YOU can experience a volunteer vacation: http://www.jamaicavolunteervacations.com .