Our Visit to Jamaica

My wife and I on a spur of the moment trip went to Ocho Rios and had a blast. We went in early October, which was the rainy season, and stayed for a week. The people were fantastic, both on and off the resort (Club Jamaica).

The rain would always come at about 3 o’clock and lasted about half an hour. Nice thing was that the rain was warm not ice cold like we were used to. Every day we would ask the front desk mon if it was supposed to rain, to which he would say no. Then we would ask if it was going to rain and he’d say “Yeah mon but don’t worry it’s liquid sunshine.”

We heard lots of people warn us about walking on the streets. They mentioned all the people trying to sell you things, some of it legal.

After our second day out, though, most of them left us alone. The only ones that came up to us were the taxi drivers and for the most part we just walked.

If you go eat at Jack Ruby’s, the place just down the street (It looks like a garage with a charcoal grill and bar.), and the Jerk Center. Don’t bother with anywhere else.

This place is on our ‘return to’ list. We met lots of great people at the resort and locals.

I wish I could thank all the people personally but there were too many of them!

Jeff Zimmerman

PS – If you are in Ocho Rios and see an older guy named John (He’s missing some teeth) tell him Jeff says Hey