Speak JA


Do all your Jamaican friends laugh at you every time you open your mouth and try to speak Jamaican? Jamaicanize your vocabulary here with our words that start with N
If you don’t see a term, tell us and we’ll put it up

natty dread: someone with dreadlocks. A Rastafarian
Neekle: Needle
nex: next
ney: never
niyabingi: rastafarian gathering. Also the name of a Rastafarian order
noy: never, not
nyam: to eat eagarly or greedily
nying-i-nying: to nag
nuh: not, don’t
nuh true?: isn’t it true?
nuhwhey: nowhere
nuff: plenty
numba: number
nuttin: nothing

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Dulcimer "Peaches" Robothom