Pele, Brazilian Football Legend, Calls Usain Bolt “Master of the New Generation”

Pele With Usain Bolt

The legendary Brazilian football star Pele says that Jamaica’s world record holder Usain Bolt is the “Master” of a new generation of athletes. Pele has been called the “Master” himself, but in the French newspaper “Le Parisien,” Pele described Bolt as the best athlete in Olympic history and then joked that, if he had been involved with sports outside of football, he would have been the greatest. Pele has retired from football, but said he had wanted to compete at the Olympics in boxing so he could fight the late champion Muhammad Ali. Pele said that if Brazil wins the soccer gold medal at the Games, its citizens will be celebrating in the streets like it was a carnival. He also noted the importance of Neymar, forward with FC Barcelona, who is playing with the national Olympic team in Rio.

Source: Usain Bolt Instagram

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