People Know You Are Jamaican If…

How do people know if you are Jamaicans? Check your answers to these questions to see if someone can pick you out as a “Jamaican”.

People know you are Jamaican if ……….

  1. You can distinguish between “cocoa-tea” “bush-tea” and”green-tea”.
  2. When someone sympathizes with you, you comment “Yuh tink seh it easy?”
  3. You point with your lips.
  4. You can’t say “three” or “thing” … you say “tree” and “ting”.
  5. You say words like Heg (instead of Egg); Hingland (instead of England).
  6. You give directions with your hands, even if it is in another state.
  7. You go to parties for the food and drink and then cuss afterwards when the food and drink run out.
  8. You nod your head upwards to greet someone.
  9. You always find yourself standing next to plenty of luggage and boxes at the airport.
  10. When you travel home, you bring an extra suitcase going down, it has none of your clothes; returning, it has food.
  11. You also point to other people picking their nose.
  12. You hate to throw away empty containers as they might come in handy for pepper sauce or “green seasonings”.
  13. You have one big pot you call curry pot when you are not even cooking curry.
  14. You have another pot you called dutch pot.
  15. You say “boy” at the beginning of a sentence and “man” at the end of it.
  16. You always hang something on your rearview mirror.
  17. You put pepper sauce on everything for the taste.
  18. You think eating ackee and saltfish, plaintain and fried dumplings is a great morning breakfast.
  19. You can’t go a week without a rice dish.
  20. You think steak is a waste of good meat; you would rather cut it up and stew it with potatoes.
  21. You chew and suck out all the marrow from the chicken bone and then pick out your teeth afterwards.
  22. You save all juices from the cooked meats/chicken to use for flavour for your next dish.
  23. You wash and rinse plastic utensils and cups that can be used again.
  24. You bring home food from a party (enough for your breakfast the next morning, your lunch and your dinner!)
  25. You chew the ice when you finish your drinks.
  26. You must put dumplings in all soups.
  27. You show disapproval by sucking your teeth.
  28. You have a dishwasher in the house and only use it for special occasions.
  29. At Christmas, you have to have “black cake”.
  30. You have a thyme (or mint) bush growing somewhere in your yard.