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Photo Highlights: Heaven on Earth Album Party – The NoMaddz

Beloved entertainers Everaldo Creary and Sheldon Shepherd, members of the performing arts duo The No-Maddz, celebrated the completion of their new album “Heaven on Earth” at Epican in Kingston, Jamaica on April 24.

Maya Wilkinson, the artist responsible for the album art, produced and co-creative directed the event with the No-Maddz. Indoors, there was a platform for the performers to stand on in front of a vinyl backdrop decorated with the words “The No-Maddz” and “#HeavenOnEarth.” Attendees were given small cupcakes with yellow and black frosting, a nod to the album colours and No-Maddz branding. Special guests received goodies bags. There was also a purple drink available, another reference to the album art which features a purple umbrella opened over the artists’ heads.

The outdoor area of the venue is where the band had merchandise for sale. In addition to graphic tees, they had a special pendant for sale for which all proceeds go to EVE For Life.

The album party was an intimate affair that saw many fans, friends, and invited guests. Debbie Bissoon was the MC for the evening. Walshy Fire, who co-produced with The NoMaddz, gave a speech about the positive experience of working on the album along with DJ Wixard (who did mixing and engineering). DJ Wixard said a few words herself and the No-Maddz introduced and danced to every song.

Storytelling from the No-Maddz was an enriching experience. Sheldon wove a tale about being in the studio with Idris Elba and did a bit of an impression of him as he was speaking. He shared that being in London had inspired the single “Clarks Like Dis.” The spirit of fun moved throughout the room as the mic passed between the No-Maddz.

They invited friends versed in the musical and dramatic arts to the stage including the singer Kumar. All three men sang along to the house music-influenced song they worked on together. The ease and synchronicity with which the artists moved indicated they’re more like family than collaborators.

Local DJs closed the night with tunes from local artists, some of whom were in attendance, such as Ras-I, Runkus, and Royal Blu.

Although the music from the No-Maddz’ “Heaven on Earth” was played during the event, it was just a pre-release. Follow their social media pages for updates on the actual release of the album.

Words and images by Jeana Lindo.

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