Photo highlights: Son of Mother Africa Embraces Reggae Music

Meta and The Cornerstones! What a performance. On February 17, Meta held an album release party for his 3rd studio album titled “Hira”. From the moment you walked into Le Possion Rouge, you could feel the anticipation in the building. Once Meta got on stage, he had the crowd jamming for about an hour and half, to a number of his hits. This was my first time hearing Meta and the cornerstones, and I must say I’ve become a fan. His music is a perfect example that despite the times we are currently living in, music can bring people together despite our color, sex, or religion.

“Somewhere in Africa,” Senegal to be precise, the people would be proud of its son who has never forgotten his roots…. always giving praises to “Jah Jah love for saving his life”. Meta has grown from strength to strength with each full length album, giving sound advice like “Mind Your Business“, while his music continues to celebrate peace, and diversity within the African diaspora, sitting on the “cornerstone”.