20 Beautiful Photos from the 2017 Miami Carnival

The Miami Carnival was held on October 8th, 2017 at the Miami-Dade Fairgrounds. The event celebrated 33 Years of Miami Carnival. Revelers competing for the band of the year title masqueraded in costumes celebrating  Caribbean Heritage. The parade of masqueraders included 21 bands who showcased the diversity of the Caribbean culture.  The Mas Bands included: Dingolay Mas NYC, Ramajay Mas Miami, Bajan Fuh Eva, Big & Strong Inc./One Island Mas Band, Break Away Kru, LLC, Carnival Republic, Euphoria Production, D-Junction Mas, Fun Generation, Freaks Mas, Fusion Mas, Inc., Generation-X, Island Gems LLC, Party Room Squad, Major Players Inc., Mascots International LLC, Natural Disasters Inc., Party Room Squad, Revel Nation Carnival, Tichapo and Wassi Ones. The One Island Mas Band won the 2017 Miami Broward One Carnival band of the year.

The live show performance included: Haitian star Wyclef Jean, MX Prime and Ultimate Rejects, Karma, Ravi B & Neisha B, Shurwayne Winchester, Terri Lyons, Lead Pipe & Saddis, Edwin Yearwood, Yankey Boy, Marz Ville, Julien Believe, Scrappy, Asten Isaac, Rudy Live, Burning Flames, Tian Winters, Menace, Rupee, TNT Prison Band and many others.

Here are photo highlights of The Miami Carnival 2017.

See over over 1 hour of video footage from the 2017 Miami Broward Carnival on our Facebook Page