Pirated : Jamaican Book Review

This story is about an 11 year old boy who, in hiding, watched the brutal murder of his parents by prominent men of the town. Despite his testimony, these men were set free and he lost faith in the justice system.

The 12 year old plotted, schemed and waited. If it is the last thing he did – he is going to avenge his parents’ death and everything they have pirated from him.

Years later this decision shaped Rusty’s future and turned him into a killer, fugitive, barbarian, impostor, billionaire, a doctor and a pirate.

Now his heart was finally tamed by one of his beautiful captive, and he tried everything to make her stay; by telling her the deep, dark secret of his past; getting her pregnant; promising to pay off her husband and family and make them rich; the promise of money and a new identity; raping and trying to force her to love him and stay.

But in the end, despite her deep sympathy and attraction for him – she stood her ground and insisted she be restored to her family… no amount of money or promise in the world could make her forget and abandon her former life.

His unending love for her leads him to respect and admire her as she guides him through the process of healing, forgiving and letting go off the past.

Reader Reviews

WOW! this book took my mind away! The intrique, the twists and turns of the plot – This book definitely needs a part two. – Mark Brown – Pastor

Loaned it to my friend after I finished with it and my goodness she is bubbling with enthusiasm. She could not put it down until she was through. She is screaming her head off for a part two – she needs to know what happened to the twins. – Evelyn Loving

This was the best book that I have read thus far this year! I am Awaiting the Sequels – this should be a MOVIE. – Cynthia ‘Beebie’

There is so much about this book that grabbed me before I even get inside: The cover design, the preview and the title of the book. Now when I started the book – believe me, I could not put it down until I read the last page. The intrigue twists and turns of the story left me hanging on the edge of my seat. The unfolding of the story, the mystery, the suspense – You could never predict what’s next. 3 cheers to the Author and the cover design team. – Denese Dunkley,



Cavell Spence-Samuels is presently working in Administration for the Florida Government but was born in Jamaica. As a child she had a passion for writing stories for schools and magazines. However, She didn’t pursue her writing dream but instead went on to study Secretarial Science at EXED and Business Law at Jamaica’s University of Technology, Arts and Science.

Now coming to the United States, the Music Teacher, Choir Director and Family Life Director pulled out that long hidden, but not forgotten talent. She presently has one completed book (the above-mentioned) and four others which will be ready for publication between the end of the year to mid 2008. (all novels)

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