It’s time to go back to my homeland
The island of my birth Jamaica, my home, with beauty so grand
The loveliest place on earth. Beautiful country-sides, trees so green
Leaves rustling in the cool evening breeze
Walking by the sea on beaches so clean
The whisper of rain falling through the trees.
Trees and plant of many species
Some you’ve never seen before,
Flora and fauna of different varieties
And believe me there’s much more.
The sights and sounds that you’ll observe
As you go along your way, Is sure to entice,
I do believe They’ll make you want to stay.
The sound of the streams babbling along
Just waiting for the rain
To come on down and swell their banks
So they can flood the plain.
That’s the vision I always see
The one imprinted on my mind,
Vision of a land so beautiful
Now a place that’s so unkind.
That homeland that I dream about
That wonderful place so grand,
That beautiful island paradise
Of sun, trees, sea and sand
An island of such pristine beauty
Has now undergone a serious change,
For what was once a gleaming gem
Now seems a place so strange.
While still displaying its magic
This island in the sun
Is fast becoming a place to fear
A place ruled by the gun.
But it’s still my home so send me back
Don’t mind me if I complain,
I’m sure I’ll still find my happiness
In my paradise of sun and rain.